Islamic Calligraphy Materials and Tools arabic calligraphy

One thing I love about art is that an illustration is like a window into an artist’s mind, soul, or whatever you might call it. Some artworks and paintings are super happy, with bright, colorful details right at your face. Some others express deep meaning through fewer elements and simpler colors.

                 The written script of the Arabic language unites the world of Islam. Arabic calligraphy is considered very beautiful by the whole world, both Islamic and non-Islamic. Of course, there are many different scripts, which the Arabic calligrapher can use. Three well-known examples of Arabic scripts are Kufic, Thuluth and Riq’ah.

Calligraphy is probably the most important form of art for Muslims. It is seen not only in the Qur’an and in books, but also in many other places. It is used, for example, for the decoration of buildings . arabic calligraphy (45) arabic calligraphy (45) arabic calligraphy (45)

For more of Arabic artworks, please visit her personal website, Instagram or portfolio at Behance! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! Cheers.


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